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Dr Helmy – Private Psychiatrist

An overly caring private psychiatrist with more than 20 years of experience in mental health disorders and drug misuse. Dr Helmy completed his Medical training in 1998, MSc and MD in psychiatry and substance misuse in 2009 and joined Royal College of Psychiatrists since 2013. During his medical practice, he was the medical director of inpatient and community services.

His field of interests is the following:

Dr Helmy is an International Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, an appointed fellow of the International Society of Addiction Medicine and a member of EMDR association UK & Ireland. He also has many publications in substance misuse use and mental health researches.  He also presents many lectures in National and International conferences. Dr Helmy is highly interested in Dual diagnosis of mental health and substance use disorders, especially adult ADHD and substance misuse.

Dr Helmy has an empathic, holistic approach. He works to effectively bring together medical and psychological therapies based on evidence-based approaches to help assess and successfully treat his patients.  Dr Helmy will patiently discuss the treatment options and choices, taking in-consideration every individual’s different requirements and desires to tailor the most convenient treatment plans for them.