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Dr Lucio D’Anna – Consultant Neurologist in London

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DrLucio D'Anna

Dr Lucio D’Anna – Consultant Neurologist in London

Dr Lucio D’Anna is a Consultant Neurologist at the Department of Stroke & Neurosciences at Imperial College London NHS Trust. He is also Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Division of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London. Dr Lucio D’Anna is an associate member of the Royal College of Physicians and of the British Association of Stroke Physicians. He has specialized in the management of patients with neurodegenerative diseases, including all kinds of dementia, stroke

Dr D’Anna obtained his PhD in Clinical Neuroscience at King’s College London. He investigated the neuroanatomical basis of behavioural and cognitive deficits in different neurodegenerative disorders affecting the frontal lobes. Dr D’Anna conducted his research in collaboration with Professor Marsel Mesulam and Professor Emily Rogalski of the Northwestern University of Chicago (USA).

For his work, he was awarded the International Scholarship Award by the American Academy of Neurology and the Best PhD paper Award by King’s College London. The results of his research were published as full articles in Brain journal and Neurology.

His current research interests include early phase clinical trials and neuroimaging at Imperial College London. He is also involved in the discovery and validation of new diagnostic tools and targeted therapies for the management of patients with stroke and dementia. He is author of different publications in these areas.