Dr Lucio D’Anna

Dr Lucio D’Anna obtained his MD with Honours at the Medical School of the University of Udine, Italy and then he completed his Neurology training with Honours. His training covered all the general neurology with special interest in dementia, stroke, motor neuron disease, migraine, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson disease. Since 2015 he has been in London where he is currently working as Neurology Consultant at Imperial College London. He is also an associate member of the Royal College of Physicians. Dr D’Anna was awarded a PhD in Clinical Neuroscience from King’s College London. The title of his PhD thesis was ‘White matter disconnection in frontal lobe disorders’. Dr D’Anna’s PhD research demonstrated a revised model of local and long frontal networks and their role in cognition and behaviour. To address this task, he investigated the neuroanatomical basis of behavioural and cognitive deficits in three disorders affecting frontal lobes, namely primary progressive aphasia, autism spectrum disorder and motor neurone disease. Dr D’Anna conducted his research in collaboration with Professor Marsel M Mesulam and Professor Emily Rogalski of the Northwestern University of Chicago (USA). For this work, he was awarded the International Scholarship Award by the American Academy of Neurology and the Best PhD paper Award by King’s College London. The results of his research were published as full article in Brain journal and Neurology.

Partners & Collaborations