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Neurology is the field of medicine that relates to a broad range of conditions involving the nervous system. This includes memory disorders and conditions affecting the brain,

Neurology clinic

As neurology specialists, our neurology department is at the heart of what we do at Dementech Neurosciences. The department includes our Memory Clinic for dementia and cognitive impairment, as well as specialist clinics for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

We understand that when looking for a neurology doctor or private neurologist in London, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Our aim is to provide all patients looking for a private neurology clinic, as well as their carers and families, with all of the support and resources they need – from initial assessment of early symptoms and diagnostic tests, through to all aspects of managing and treating a broad range of conditions.  

We are pleased to be able to offer our patients the chance to benefit from the latest cutting-edge technology and innovations across diagnosis testing, assessment and treatment wherever possible. 

Our treatment plans will always be tailored to best suit each individual patient’s needs. Moreover, we can sometimes offer the opportunity to participate in clinical trials testing novel pharmacological interventions and treatments, before they become available to the public. We are also aware that caregivers may experience significant stresses and have a high level of burden, therefore we also offer care-giver support.

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Our specialist areas

Our specialist areas include many of the most common neurological conditions and diseases. We provide assessment, diagnostics and treatment across all types of neurological conditions, with a team of neurology doctors who are experts in their fields. 

These are the main conditions we cover. More information can be found by clicking through to specific clinic pages here:

Our London memory clinic covers different types of dementia and cognitive impairment. 


Our Parkinson’s specialists can support patients from the early assessment of symptoms through to managing later stages of the disease.


Alongside our dementia clinic, we also specialise in Alzheimer’s, which is the most common cause of dementia symptoms.


Our stroke specialists can provide stroke risk assessment and prevention advice, as well as managing the effects of stroke and stroke rehabilitation for those already affected by the condition. 


MS is a complex neurological autoimmune disease that can affect people in multiple ways. We can offer a range of assessments and treatments to manage and, where possible, slow progression of symptoms.


Movement disorders can range from mild to severe, but there are often many things our specialists can do to manage or reduce symptoms – including tremors and restless leg syndrome.

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Our team of leading neurology experts

At Dementech Neurosciences, we are proud to work with a range of London neurologists and neurology doctors who are leaders in their fields. You can find more information about our team here.

An individual approach that supports patients across all aspects of their condition is very important to us, therefore we offer a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. We have an in-house speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, dietitian, psychologist and psychiatrist, who will work together to manage your symptoms as effectively as possible.

Dementech specialises in diagnosing and treating neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. For more information contact our experienced and friendly team.

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Portrait of Dr Lucio D'Anna Neurology expert
Dr Lucio D’Anna – Consultant Neurologist in London
Lead Neurologist

Dr Lucio D’Anna is a Consultant Neurologist at the Department of Stroke & Neurosciences at Imperial College London NHS Trust. He is also Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Division of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London.

Dr Soumit Singhai He completed his higher specialist training in the North East London
Dr Soumit Singhai – Parkinson’s Specialist in London
Geriatric & general internal medicine

Dr Singhai has been a Consultant Physician/Geriatrician since 2009, initially at the Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust in London and then from 2016 he has been at the Lister Hospital in Hertfordshire.

Dr David Choluj is a Consultant Neurologist with a further extensive experience in Stroke Medicine and Neurological Rehabilitation, based in London.
Dr David Choluj – Consultant Neurologist
Lead Neurologist for MS

Dr David Choluj is a Consultant Neurologist with a further extensive experience in Stroke Medicine and Neurological Rehabilitation, based in London.

Prof. K. Ray Chaudhuri Parkinson's specialist
Prof. K. Ray Chaudhuri – Parkinson’s Specialist in London
Parkinson's Disease Expert

Professor K. Ray Chaudhuri is a world-renowned expert in Parkinson's disease. He is Professor of Neurology/Movement Disorders & Consultant Neurologist at King’s College Hospital & King’s College London and also Principal Investigator at the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute.

Professor Dag Aarsland psychiatrist
Prof. Aarsland Dag – Psychiatrist London
Geriatric Psychiatry

Dag Aarsland is Professor and Head of Department of Old Age Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London, and Consultant psychiatrist at the Mental Health for Older Adults, South London & Maudsley NHS Health Trust, where he leads the Parkinson Spectrum Memory Clinic.

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