Care Givers Support

Caring for an individual with a neurodegenerative disorder can be challenging and, at times, overwhelming. The role of families and caregivers in such serious debilitating diseases is critical. Frustration and stress is a normal and valid emotional response to many of the difficulties of being a caregiver. Furthermore, compared to families caring for older adults without dementia, these family members are twice as likely to report that caregiving has negative effects on their physical and emotional health. These caregivers face stresses that can irreparably damage their own health and well-being.

You cannot take on all the responsibilities of caregiving by yourself. When you do not take care of yourself, you are prone to increased anxiety, depression, frustration, and physical distress that will make it more difficult to continue providing care. Therefore, at Dementech Neurosciences a separate appointment for care givers is also offered. After a detailed assessment of the level of distress, supportive care and emotional support are provided with specific attention to the general and mental health wellbeing of a caregiver.

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