Medicolegal Services

We provide services to Personal Injury Law Firms & Insurers (medico legal Evidence), Employment Law Firms and Private Clients. At Dementech our medicolegal services are tailor made to fit every client and our flexibility brings in huge advantage to your process.

We understand your case in great detail and provide you all relevant requested support on time. We pay attention to every detail of the process, bringing in the best of our services to the forefront. If you are a Solicitor or an Insurer looking for medical evidence, we are here to help you.

Once we are instructed, our trained customer service advisers, who in most cases will be a trained medical secretory, will take care of your case from arranging appointments to the provision of QUALITY medical reports. Our services do not just stop here, we will be in close contact with you for any changes, addendum reports, any type of diagnostics required from MRIs and all type of rehabilitation services from drug therapy to Psychotherapy and Counselling to help your client return back to his or her normal life.

Partners & Collaborations