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Cantab is an analytical computerized assessment software, which enables accurate measurement of brain function and cognitive health across multiple domains, developed by Cambridge Cognition, a leading global provider of cognitive assessment software.

Cantab sensitively determines an individual’s cognitive health across five key domains:

  • Executive function (central control, planning, strategy, and flexible thinking).
  • Processing speed (the ability to perform mental tasks quickly and efficiently).
  • Attention (the ability to concentrate and actively process information).
  • Working memory (how we hold information while processing or acting on it).
  • Episodic memory (memory of events and experiences: what happened, where and when).

The assessments usually take around 30 minutes. A trained neuropsychologist will oversee the whole process, guiding, and assisting when necessary.

Results are then adjusted for gender, age and education level thus proving the consultant physician with a highly accurate evaluation of cognitive performance and with the ability to monitor cognitive health by comparing results over time.

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