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Parkinson’s KinetiGraph (PKG)

The Parkinson’s KinetiGraph (PKGTM) consists of a small device worn on the wrist for collecting data over a period of 6-10 days and provides a report for the doctor that shows how motor symptoms and complications of Parkinson’s disease (PD) such as slowness of movement, stiffness, tremor and dyskinesias vary throughout the day.

Information collected by the PKGTM will guide the doctor to see how people with PD are functioning at home and to identify any troublesome problems or symptoms. This important information enables the doctor to see how current medication affects motor symptoms and complications.

It also allows doctors to decide in conjunction with the person with PD on whether the amount of medicine needs to be decreased, increased, or changed to another medicine that is more effective in controlling their symptoms.

The PKGTM also reminds people with PD when it’s time to take their prescribed medication whilst helping the patient acknowledging the time the medication was taken. This helps achieve and demonstrate compliance in taking medication and provides important information on how movement symptoms are impacted by taking the medication.

The PKGTM is able to capture information about daytime sleepiness and night-time disturbances. This enables the doctor to see when an individual has been asleep during the day. Furthermore, the sleep data provides important information that is a major aid for better management of these problems.

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