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What does the consultation entail?

The consultation will begin with an assessment, followed by a diagnosis. Once you have received your diagnosis, you will be given a management plan and will be prescribed with medication. You will also receive a full consultation report.

How quickly can I be seen?

We endeavour to see you on the same day, if possible.

Do you offer Skype calls?

After the initial face-to-face assessment, we can certainly schedule a consultation over Skype as a follow-up.

Can you arrange tests?

All tests can be arranged prior to your consultation with us and ever after the consultation.

If I am seen privately, will I be taken off the NHS waiting list?

No. Seeing a doctor at Dementech will not affect your care through the NHS.

Will the report be shared with my GP?

With your consent, we can certainly share the full consultation report with your GP.

Do you provide finance?

At this current time we do not offer finance. Payments will need to be made prior to tests and consultations.

Will I get a copy of my test results?

Yes, you will get a copy of your results as well as a CD of the MRI scan on request

How quickly can we get an MRI, blood test and other testing done?

You can get the tests with 2 days of requesting it.

Test results will be received within 2 days.

I'm claustrophobic. Do you have any alternatives to the MRI scan?

Yes we do. We offer an Upright MRI and an Open MRI

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