Advanced Parkinson Disease

Advanced PD & Clinical Uncertain Parkinson’s patients can pose a diagnostic challenge to treating clinicians, and as the disease advances & high intermittent oral doses, pulsatile treatment of levodopa induce postsynaptic dysregulation of striatal dopamine receptors. This pulsatile stimulation leads to molecular and physiologic changes in basal ganglia neurons and the development of motor complications. These effects are reduced or avoided when dopaminergic therapies are delivered in a more continuous and physiologic manner.

Tripple ‘P’ Approach – Patch, Pipe & Pump for Parkinson’s

Continuous dopaminergic stimulation is a novel therapeutic strategy for the management of Parkinson’s disease, which proposes that dopaminergic agents that provide continuous stimulation of striatal dopamine receptors will delay or prevent the onset of levodopa-related motor complications.

Most innovative, neoteric treatment strategies that provide continuous dopaminergic stimulation can be achieved with triple ‘P’ treatment in the form of a transdermal patch, pump and continuous infusion therapies help to combat this debilitating and denervating illness.

Parkinson’s Disease: What To Expect

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive and incurable disorder of the nervous system. It affects movement and is characterised by tremors, stiffness and slowing down of movement.

10 Ways To Boost Brain Health

A Parkinson's disease guide created for patients and carers: We created this guide to help you understand your experiences, and start a dialogue about brain health.

Advance Parkinson’s Disease Treatment At Dementech

We are delighted to offer these advanced & novel treatment strategies to patients with Advanced Parkinson’s under the supervision of our esteemed neurologists Professor Ray Chaudhuri & Dr Vinod Metta. We follow stringent NICE guidelines and offer bespoke service and one-stop treatment.


Dementech is committed to using the latest and most advanced testing methods. To that end it collaborates with famous universities and medical organisations for the development of new testing methods and experimental treatments. We use a combination of testing methods to establish an accurate diagnosis for Parkinson’s disease.

Why Choose Dementech?

At Dementech Neurosciences we are at the forefront of our understanding of PD and we use cutting-edge technology CANTAB to assess the severity of cognitive deficits in patients with Parkinson’s disease. This helps us to provide an early diagnosis of cognitive impairment and outline the best treatment option to manage the condition.

We also offer the opportunity for patients to participate in clinical trials which aim to delay the progression of the disease before they become available to the public.

Dementech is a private clinic based in London specialising in the treatment of Parkinson’s. If you or a family member need specialist treatment for Parkinson’s please contact us.

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