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Cognitive science is a vital component in the drive to find treatments for neuropsychiatric and neurological diseases, which represent an immense and growing health, social and economic burden. However,  as cognitions are highly complex, the collection of valid, reliable and replicable data is challenging.

Over the last few years, there have been significant developments in the field of computerised assessments for neuropsychiatric disorders, especially for dementia, mood and anxiety disorders.

Computer based assessments are highly sensitive and proven tools for measuring brain function and specific cognitive domains, and so have been the choice of cognitive scientists for over 30 years.

Our neuropsychiatric laboratory offers innovative technology that blends with medical excellence for the early diagnosis and management of neuropsychiatric disorders, especially for dementias, mood and anxiety disorders.

Our cutting-edge technology provides accurate, objective and high-quality assessment for a variety of neuropsychiatric symptoms.

This will aid in the early diagnosis of different forms of dementia and early interventions before extensive brain damage occurs. Novel easy-to-use devices help us to assess the severity of motor symptoms and complications in different movement disorders.

These innovative tools provide us with a better understanding of the symptoms and enable an optimal management of all variety of symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders.

We also provide  computerised based cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy for boosting memory performance to improve mood and anxiety disorders.

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