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Effective Alzheimer’s disease treatment is crucial as it can significantly improve the quality of life of those living with the disease and their families, by managing symptoms and slowing down the progression of the condition. Accessing the right support, from diagnosis to treatment, is essential when it comes to managing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Dementech Neurosciences offers a unique, specialist approach to Alzheimer’s Disease treatment in London, helping thousands of families live happier, healthier lives.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a degenerative brain disease and the most common cause of dementia. For the last few years, Alzheimer’s has been at the centre of global attention with numerous international collaborations and projects, all trying to develop new treatments, especially for the early stages of the disease.


Alzheimer’s usually affects people over the age of 65, but younger people can develop early-onset Alzheimer’s. The disease is closely linked to genetics, gender, and some medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.


Dementech Neurosciences offers a wide range of cutting-edge services, specifically designed for people with Alzheimer’s disease, such as the Dementech Biomarker Tools and genetic counselling appointments. Start your journey with us now to see how much progress you can make with our specialist support.

What are The Symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

While there is no single cure for Parkinson’s, early intervention and specialist support can be extremely helpful when it comes to managing the symptoms. Medications can also benefit some patients depending on their experience with the disease and their medical history. It’s important to seek support so that you can have the very best chance of being able to manage your Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. At Dementech, our PD experts will be able to provide end-to-end support for patients and their families as they deal with the life-changing effects of Parkinson’s.

Early-stage Alzheimer’s disease symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in remembering recent conversations, names or events


  • Apathy and depression

Middle-stage Alzheimer’s disease symptoms include:

  • Impaired communication


  • Disorientation


  • Moderate confusion

Late-stage Alzheimer’s disease symptoms include:

  • Severely impaired memory


  • Poor judgement


  • Behaviour changes


  • Difficulty speaking, swallowing and walking

How is Alzheimer’s Diagnosed?

There’s no single test for Alzheimer’s, or dementia. A diagnosis is based on a combination of assessments and tests. These can be done in our Memory Clinic in a single day. As part of the initial consultation, the Alzheimer’s specialist will take a history of your symptoms, ask about any medications you are currently taking and review any other existing conditions you are struggling with. From there, you may be required to undertake some or all of the following assessments


  • Blood tests


  • Mental ability tests


  • Brain scans: Other types of scan, such as a PET scan, may be recommended if the result of your MRI or CT scan is uncertain.


The results of your tests will provide the information required for specialists to put together your bespoke treatment plan.


By using the latest advances in imaging and genetics, our specialists at our London clinic will be able to answer all your questions regarding diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of progression and responses to treatment.

What is The Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Specific treatments used for Alzheimer’s disease will depend on the individual and the stage at which Alzheimer’s is diagnosed.


In many cases, prescribed medications can assist individuals in managing their Alzheimer’s symptoms, but treatment without drugs can also be highly beneficial for some patients. At Dementech, our specialists have years of experience researching and understanding the intricacies of Alzheimer’s disease, and after thorough assessments will be able to recommend specific treatment paths for each patient depending on their experience of the symptoms.


In addition to medications, therapy and personal care, forms of practical support may also be recommended during the later stages of the disease. This could involve cognitive stimulation activities, social activities and behaviour management support. Whatever the best course of action may be, our team of experts can help.

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    While extensive research efforts are ongoing in the field of Alzheimer’s disease, regrettably, there is currently no single definitive test for diagnosing Alzheimer’s. However, precise diagnosis is of paramount importance in neurology, particularly for progressive conditions like Alzheimer’s. That’s why we leverage cutting-edge technology and collaborate with some of the world’s foremost Alzheimer’s experts to provide accurate diagnoses, enabling us to guide our patients toward the most effective treatment strategies.


    Given the intricate nature of Alzheimer’s diagnostics, misdiagnoses are not uncommon in the realm of neurological diseases. An incorrect diagnosis can lead to inappropriate treatments and unfavourable outcomes. At Dementech Neurosciences, we exclusively entrust top experts in Alzheimer’s disease to deliver the highest-quality assessments and care for individuals facing Alzheimer’s.


    At Dementech Neurosciences, we offer a spectrum of care options to address the needs of Alzheimer’s patients and support them in managing their symptoms. We recognize the value of prevention, and our approach encompasses risk assessments, preventative strategies, and practical tools to mitigate the impact of the disease.


    For those who have already received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment and striving to halt the progression of symptoms

    If a family member has been affected by Alzheimer’s disease, we offer an advanced testing program designed to assess your risk of developing the condition. Through cutting-edge technology developed in partnership with Dementech, we can provide valuable insights into your likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease.


    This testing is especially crucial for individuals with a genetic predisposition. Early diagnosis allows us to offer more comprehensive long-term treatment and symptom management solutions. Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease in its advanced stages can make addressing common symptoms more challenging.


    At Dementech, our commitment to using the latest and most advanced testing methods is unwavering. We collaborate with renowned universities and medical organizations to pioneer new testing techniques and experimental treatments. By combining various testing methods, we strive to establish an accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, ensuring you receive the best possible support


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    It was very useful to be able to talk with the consultant and be understood. My problem has been lifelong and got far worse over recent years. It was vital for me to be able to get advice and guidance and find a new treatment plan.

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    “The clinic is very welcoming. I would especially like to thank Shakeela and Sobia who took good care of us and made sure my father in law was comfortable as he was very nervous. They were very polite. Dr was excellent. I would recommend this clinic. My father in law was very nervous when he arrived in the clinic but he left with a smile. This explains it all about the clinic. How wonderful they are.”


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    “Dementech Neurosciences is a relatively new clinic specialising in the scientific assessment and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. It represents a significant development in the treatment of Parkinson’s and has done a great job of establishing itself and its reputation in a short period of time. The premises are extremely well situated in central London, the consultant neurologists are all at the top of their field in their specialisation of the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, and the clinical and administrative staff are of a similar standard. The atmosphere of the clinic is positive and the results, in the short period of time I have been able to assess, have been similarly positive.”

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    “A highly recommended neurological clinic operated on very high standards from wonderful professionals. Dr. Dimitrov has treated our Parkinson’s disease symptoms by fine-tuning the medication received in a scientific way that undoubtedly proves his high expertise on the topic. We have received advice that has significantly affected the quality of life and this is very much appreciated.”

    While genetics can play a role in Alzheimer’s risk, it’s not solely hereditary. A family history of the disease may increase your risk, but many factors contribute to its development.

    There’s no guaranteed way to prevent Alzheimer’s, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and mental stimulation may help reduce the risk.

    No, Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of ageing. While age is a risk factor, not all older adults develop the disease, and many elderly individuals maintain their cognitive function.

    Alzheimer’s typically progresses through stages, starting with mild memory impairment and advancing to severe cognitive and functional decline.

    Alzheimer’s typically progresses through stages, starting with mild memory impairment and advancing to severe cognitive and functional decline.

    We endeavour to see our patients in the same week as your enquiry

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    A pleasure to have the expertise, vision & support of Dementech, most especially the care and trust of Dr. D’Anna, Anca and the team!

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    London is home to a distinguished group of leading specialists in Alzheimer’s disease, who enjoy global recognition for their expertise in this field. These specialists are at the forefront of pioneering research, diagnosis, and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of patients. Their extensive clinical experience, coupled with access to state-of-the-art medical facilities and resources, enables them to deliver comprehensive care and innovative therapies tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Whether it’s advancing our understanding of the disease through groundbreaking research or providing personalized treatment plans that improve the quality of life for patients, London’s Alzheimer’s disease specialists are renowned for their dedication to tackling this intricate neurological condition.

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