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Essential Tremor (ET) is considered the most common neurologic movement disorder. ET is a chronic condition characterized by involuntary, rhythmic shaking of a body part, most typically the hands and arms.

Essential Tremor Symptoms

Handwriting becomes less legible and drinking liquids is also difficult to manage. It may be necessary to use either hands or a straw. Tremor can affect also the head with the shakiness being a ‘yes-yes” or a “no-no” movement. This can lead to embarrassment and possibly social withdrawal. The shakiness of the voice may also occur giving a quavering intonation when speaking.

Tremor can also affect the trunk and legs. ET can affect people of any age and usually becomes worse when a person is stressed, tired, angry, anxious, hot or cold. Little is known about what causes this tremor.

Essential Tremor Diagnosis

At Dementech Neurosciences, our doctors will provide a comprehensive assessment of the type and severity of tremor.

Essential Tremor Treatment

At Dementech Neurosciences, we offer pharmacological intervention including injections for the treatment of this invalidating condition.

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