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MD (Moscow), PGDipAVMED (Otago), MRCPsych (U.K), MP (Melb)

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Dr Jason Tan

Dr. Jason Tan is accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists as a specialist in General Adult Psychiatry and has additional endorsement in Liaison Psychiatry.

With over a decade of practice spanning three different countries (Malaysia, Republic of Ireland and the UK), Dr Tan has established a reputation for his trustworthiness and dedication.

He gained his medical degree in Moscow, Russia before continuing his psychiatry training in the UK under the Maudsley Training Programme. During this time, he also obtained a Masters of Psychiatry from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

He is currently serving as a Consultant Psychiatrist in London and is entrusted with the care of patients in acute crisis, a responsibility performed with unwavering compassion.

His area of interest in psychiatry is around Neuropsychiatric conditions (Functional Neurological Disorders & Organic Mental Disorders) and Neurodevelopmental conditions (like ADHD). Further to that, he is also experienced in the assessment and management of mental health conditions including mood disorders, psychosis, neurotic disorders, and stress related disorders including PTSD.

Throughout his career, Dr Tan has published and presented in recognition of his contributions, Dr Tan has received accolades such as the prestigious John Dunne Medal by the Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine in 2019 and the RCPsych London Division Team of the Year award in 2022.

With a heart firmly dedicated to the well-being of others, Dr Tan stands as a beacon of trust and compassion in the field of psychiatry.