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Dementech Neuroscience: Private Mental Health Clinic

Dementech Neurosciences was created in late August 2016. The inspiration for the creation of the clinic came after the father of one of our co-founder’s condition deteriorated rapidly from Parkinson’s disease.

This happened after he had been to some of the world’s best “one man band” neurologists, who failed to bring positive changes in his condition. What followed was the realisation that he was not alone, as many others in similar situations failed to get the help they needed.

Improving Your Quality of Life
and Wellbeing By Providing The Highest
Level of Care.

We felt the need to create a private centre, offering a holistic and multidisciplinary approach through some of the world’s best and most advanced technologies/diagnostic methods in order to make significant changes in the lives of people with neurological disorders.

Whilst many of the neurological disorders we specialise in are incurable, medication and other forms of treatment can slow down their progress and significantly improve the quality of life for the patient.

Dementech, finding solutions through change.

We have brought together world-renowned specialists in their respective fields to create and deliver the most advanced services to our patients. In addition to our specialists being known in their fields, they are involved in clinical trials and academic research, which allows them to be the first to know about new innovative diagnostic technologies and treatments.

Our neurologists and psychologists regularly introduce such new discoveries to Dementech as a matter of priority.

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    Dementech Neurosciences welcomes you to a private boutique neurology & psychology practice in the heart of London’s Medical District. We aim at providing the highest level of care whilst improving your quality of life and wellbeing.

    Meet our Doctors

    Our team of Neurologists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and Dieticians provide expert care to manage and treat mental health disorders.

    Alliance Medical

    Dementech Neurosciences is collaborating with Alliance Medical for neuroimaging solutions. Alliance Medical are Europe’s leading independent provider of medical imaging services. They combine service excellence and innovative imaging technologies to improve patient care and support NHS and independent sector organisations with their ongoing imaging requirements.

    Please note that we are a private clinic and not part of the NHS.

    Global Kinetics

    Dementech Neurosciences is collaborating with Global Kinetics Corporation (GKC) which was established in 2007 to commercialise innovative technology for the precise recording, quantification and reporting of movement symptoms of neurological disease. The lead product, the Parkinson’s KinetiGraph™ movement recording is a unique and useful tool for neurologists in the management of Parkinson’s disease.

    king's health partners

    Dementech Neurosciences is collaborating with King’s Health Partners which is a leading Academic Health Science Centre where world-class research, education and clinical practice are brought together for the benefit of patients.


    Dementech Neurosciences has partnered with The Doctors Laboratory (TDL), which is a medically-led laboratory, established in 1987. TDL is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.


    Dementech Neurosciences is collaborating with University College London Hospitas NHS Foundation Trust which is committed to delivering top-quality patient care, excellent education and world-class research. The Trust is situated in the heart of London and is one of the largest NHS trusts in the United Kingdom.


    Dementech is collaborating with Medopad on its first clinical trial for Parkinson's Disease. Medopad create applications that securely transmit health data directly from patient devices to healthcare professionals, providing support in clinical decision making.