Mental Health

Psychotherapy in Harley Street

At Dementech our team of professionals is carefully selected and committed to providing comprehensive assessment, treatment and support for people experiencing mental health concerns. Our dedicated and highly qualified team of experienced health practitioners foster a discrete environment ideal for treatment and recovery.
1 Consultation
Initial consultation with a psychologist or psychotherapist.
2 Assessment
Appointment with a psychologist or psychotherapist for personal or computerized, detailed assessments of cognitive neuropsychiatric issues associated with mental health.
3 Follow-up
During the 2nd consultation with the psychologist or psychotherapist, a clinical diagnosis & follow-up strategy are discussed, explained and agreed upon.


We make meaningful connections with patients enriching their lives by leaving them a greater understanding of themselves, and more confidence to face the world.

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Risk Assessment & Prevention

Our team of highly qualified professionals is carefully selected and committed to providing a comprehensive mental health assessment, through consultation or testing, for people experiencing concerns. We foster a discrete environment ideal for diagnosis treatment and recovery from mental health issues.

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Our holistic approach to treatment is offered in a safe and supportive environment supported by evidence-based treatments, patient education and therapeutic programs. Our mental health programs for the treatment of mood & anxiety disorders are designed to help clients gain the necessary skills to manage their illness more effectively.

A specialist consultant will oversee your treatment, which may include a combination of treatments or specific treatments like medication, psychotherapy, and other non-pharmacological interventions. At Dementech we take our work seriously and use the latest scientific and psychological developments and guidelines. Our services are sought out by patients who are proactive about their mental health and who value high quality health care and aspire to a better self.

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