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Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation and Psychotherapy (CCRP)

Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation and Psychotherapy (CCRP©) consists in a 12-session package, which combines individually-tailored computerized challenging tasks designed to “exercise” specific cognitive functions with an active involvement of a therapist making sure that skills learned are transferred into real-life situations.

At Dementech Neurosciences, we are at the forefront of Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy and patients are treated in a holistic frame of reference with appropriate techniques and strategies for cognitive, emotional, and societal skills while at the same time they increase awareness and understanding of their new self.

According to the recommendations of evidence-based studies we use computer-based interventions that include active therapist involvement to foster insight into cognitive strengths and weaknesses, to develop compensatory strategies, and to facilitate the transfer of skills into real-life situations.

Since anxiety is a common symptom of Dementia, we have developed a dual approach to treatment using Computerized Rehabilitation Therapy and Psychotherapy.

Anxiety may physically present in Dementia patients as motor restlessness, agitation, day/night disturbance and/or aggression, and as the dementia progresses, often results in exacerbated symptoms due to increased dependency and behavioural problems.

Our CCRP© program is a collaborative psychological and cognitive approach that addresses the interaction between people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour while at the same time using computer-assisted methods focusing on neuropsychological processes using computerized exercises that train different cognitive functions.

Furthermore, our CCRP© interventions include training with different stimulus modalities, levels of complexity, while our therapist provides monitoring and feedback.

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