In The News: Dementech hosting AI trials with Medopad and Tencent

Dementech Financial Times

One of the world’s largest technology firms, Tencent, is partnering with London based start-up Medopad on clinical trials of artificial intelligence (AI) programs which aim to diagnose patients with Parkinson’s diseasemultiple sclerosis and psoriasis.

The Parkinson’s disease clinical trials will involve around 40 patients over the next few months and will take place at Dementech Neurosciences, state of the art private mental health clinic in central London. Clinical trials for multiple sclerosis and psoriasis will follow.

The move comes after Tencent were asked by the Chinese government to help facilitate and develop AI technology for diagnosing complex health conditions.

At Dementech we have always been at the forefront of neurological diagnosis and treatment and we are excited by the current project with Medopad and Tencent.

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You can read more about project on the Financial Times website.