What to Expect in a London Based Neurology Clinic

At Dementech Neurosciences, our aim is to provide advanced and leading neurological treatment to patients who have been unable to access the care they need. Our team of leading neurologists and specialist consultants are internationally renowned and at the forefront of cutting edge research, and they can be found at our London neurology clinic. 

World renowned specialists 

The UK is known for its high standard of medical care which attracts some of the best professionals in the world. Here at Dementech Neurosciences, we have a team of clinicians revered the world over in their respective fields. Through consistent research and a determination to improve the lives of patients, our specialists introduce new medical treatments and advance testing as a priority. 

We are located on London’s Wimpole Street, which has a long history of being at the forefront of advanced medical research and care – we’re proud to continue that legacy at our practice. Our team are involved in a number of clinical trials and routinely play a role in new academic research, meaning they’re among the first in the world and in their fields to be able to introduce new findings and implement contemporary diagnostics and treatments. 

You’ll have access to specialist nurses, language therapists, leading consultant neurologists, occupational therapists, and other specialists who are industry leaders in complex neurological disorders.

Wide ranging care 

With a team of talented specialists, we are able to treat a wide range of neurological disorders and conditions, as well as provide insight and support to patient’s loved ones. Our location also means we are in close proximity to cutting edge technology as and when it’s made available, so we’re able to provide our patients with the very best in diagnostics and treatments pertaining to most neurological disorders. 

We treat conditions such as: 

In addition to treating adult patients, we also have a team of private paediatric neurologists who specialise in providing leading care to children affected by neurological disorders, including epilepsy. Being central in the UK, our specialists are under one roof, so there’s no need to travel further than you have to for testing to rule out multiple conditions. 

Outstanding diagnostics and treatment 

Wimpole Street has been at the forefront of medical brilliance since the Great War, and has attracted a multitude of talented medical officers from around the world for over a century. From the Conference on War Medicine to advanced neurological conditions, discussions on how best to diagnose and treat a range of ailments have always taken place here. As a result, the reputation of Wimpole Street has been cemented as one of medical excellence, and that’s exactly what you can expect when you visit the Dementech Neurosciences clinic. 

We understand that neurological disorders, though often not curable, can be effectively managed through early intervention and specialised, personalised care. That’s why we provide multi-disciplinary diagnostics. We offer same-day appointments where possible, meaning our patients can be seen by a specialist the same day they enquire if it suits them. Entering the clinic, you’ll have a chat with a consultant neurologist about your symptoms and what’s been going on. They’ll need to know a bit more about your medical history, but we can arrange tests on the same day to find out what’s causing symptoms. 

After this, you’ll undergo any relevant tests and assessments. We aim to carry them out within 48 hours of them being requested, and results are available to us within two days of the tests being completed. This gives us a quick time frame to be able to diagnose you, and we can start to devise a treatment plan within a week from your first enquiry. 

A range of clinicians will be involved in coming up with a care plan for you, with input from a neurological specialist, physicians, and psychologists depending on your needs. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach within our treatment services. You may undergo an existing treatment route, or you may be out forward for a clinical trial if you’re a suitable candidate. We have more tools options at our disposal, allowing us to provide the very best care for all our patients with a neurological condition. 

Uninterrupted treatment 

As mentioned, we aim to diagnose and begin treatment as soon as possible. Communication at our clinic is second to none, with every medical professional involved in your care aware of what is happening every step of the way. You won’t have to wait weeks between appointments, nor will you have to relay information to multiple people. On top of this, the care you receive at our private London neurology clinic won’t impact the care you recieve on the NHS, so you can rest assured that you still have all care avenues open to you. 

Easy accessibility

We can be found at 11 Wimpole Street in Marylebone, central London. We are in the heart of London’s medical district, making our clinic easily accessible to those from all around the country, not just in London. Our clinic is just a 10 minute walk from Bond Street London Underground Station, services by the Central and Piccadilly lines. We are also a 10 minute walk from Oxford Service London Underground Station which is serviced by the Victoria, Bakerloo, and Central lines. 

Our central location means we are also serviced by lots of bus routes, including 6, 7, 10, 13, 15, 23, 25, 30, 55, 73, 94, 98, 113, 137, 139, 159, 175, 189, 274, and 390, all of which are within walking distance to our clinic on Wimpole Street. 

If you’re driving, be aware that we are within the congestion charge zone, but there is ample parking within the car parks between Cavendish Square and Marylebone Lane. 

The great thing about attending a neurology clinic in London is that you are serviced by multiple forms of public transport. Depending on your condition, this could make it much easier for you to attend an appointment because transport into central London from the majority of the UK is quick and easy. Our location also means you can make a day or trip of your appointment. We are close to major tourist attractions, meaning your visit to London doesn’t have to be entirely dominated by your medical needs.

Book an appointment at our London clinic 

If you or someone you know could benefit from a private neurology appointment at our leading London clinic, please get in touch with us to discuss your options and the next steps.