Technology Trial for Parkinson’s Disease Sufferers

elderly lady using mobile phone

A new clinical trial will assess the difference that a smartphone app could make to patients with Parkinson’s Disease by monitoring the development of their condition over time.

Forty Parkinson’s patients will participate in the 30-day trial, which is being conducted by Dementech Neurosciences clinical academic centre in collaboration with Medopad, an organisation that works with some of the world’s largest healthcare systems, research institutes and technology companies to solve problems in rare, chronic and complex disease monitoring.

The trial, which has been hailed by Dementech as a significant milestone, will allow researchers to assess the difference that high tech solutions like this could make to the management of the condition. 

If successful, the app could make a difference to the thousands of Parkinson’s Disease sufferers in the UK and further afield. It is just one of many technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition that causes problems in the brain which worsen as the disease progresses. One adult in every 350 in the UK – around 145,000 people – is diagnosed with the condition, which causes three main symptoms, tremors, slowness of movement and muscle symptoms.

The death of nerve cells in a particular part of the brain, called the substantial niagra, means that people with the condition don’t produce enough of the chemical Dopamine. This affects the body’s ability to control movement properly, everything from walking and talking to smiling. 

The symptoms can be subtle at first but as more cells are lost, they worsen, resulting in the characteristic shaking and muscle stiffness associated with Parkinson’s in its more advanced stages. 

There may be other symptoms, too, including restless legs, dizziness, fatigue and bowel problems. As the condition progresses, people can experience increasing disability and poor health, leaving them vulnerable to infection and significantly impacting their quality of life.

How is Parkinson’s disease treated?

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Latest research into Parkinson’s Disease: Why this trial is so important

Researchers don’t understand why some people get Parkinson’s, which is an irreversible condition with no current cure. The disease affects everyone differently. Symptoms may differ from person to person and the rate at which they progress is also highly individualised. This is why the smart app trial is so important as it could help provide insights into the evolution of Parkinson’s Disease in individuals.

Dementech is a private health clinic dedicated to understanding the nature and treatment of a wide range of neurological and psychological problems, including movement disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and other neurological problems, as well as mental health issues. 

An internationally renowned team of specialist consultants is engaged in the latest research into Parkinson’s Disease. 

The team at Dementech are delighted to be collaborating with an organisation of the calibre of Medopad and will publish the results of the trial in relevant academic journals as well as on the website.