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Covid PCR Terms

What is your cancellation policy?

Please note that we can ONLY Refund or Reschedule Booked tests under the following criteria:

Your flight is cancelled or rescheduled by your airline prior to your appointment time (proof of flight cancellation/reschedule required)

For medical reasons (requires a certified letter from your physician or GP)

Quarantine or entry restrictions in your destination country change prior to your appointment time (as per the UK Government Foreign Travel website)

All requests are notified to us with at least 24hrs notice before your flight time.

Refunds and cancellation requests must be submitted to [email protected] and can take up to 21 days to be processed by our dedicated team and for funds to reach your account.

Any other cancellation request that is approved will incur a cancellation administrative fee of £50.

No refunds are available if you have attended your appointment and/or samples have been taken, regardless of any changes to your situation such as scenarios above.

Will I get my result within the stated timeframe?

We are now able to deliver all our test results within the specified timeframe and our Result Turn-Around-Time is amongst the best available. 

However, please note that we use external laboratories for all PCR, Fit-to-Fly and Test-to-Release tests and have no control over their processing times once we have couriered your sample.

 Laboratories may also need to sometimes repeat tests which could impact upon the time you receive your test.

Dementech is unable to accept liability or provide any compensation for costs you may incur due to

delayed results.